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Tarot Directions and Timing

Tarot is very popular way to help people in giving direction in there life. It tells people the possibility of event that can happen in future or the path one should chose. It gives idea about someones past and what is going on in life of them in present. We can also give some insight of when an event can occur in time ahead.

We have Major and Minor Arcana cards in tarot. Minor Arcana cards are further divided into Swords, Wands, Cups and Pentacles.


The direction associated with Swords is North

Season associated is Winter

Timing can be days


The direction associated with Wands is South

Season associated is Spring

Timing can be weeks


The direction associated with Cups is West

Season associated is Summer

Timing can be months


The direction associated with Pentacles is East

Season associated is Autumn

Timing can be months to years

Major Arcana


Little Tip: You can pull cards one by one and asking will that particular event going to happen lets say this month / next month / next to next and so on.. ;)

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